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Tenbury Wells has had a long association with the sale of Holly and Mistletoe that goes back over a hundred years. History shows us that a number of such markets were held in the Hereford and Worcester area; however Tenbury’s is the only one to survive and continue with the tradition. The Town is very proud of it association with Mistletoe and the fact that it hosts the only remaining markets on the last Tuesday of November and the first two Tuesday in December.

Celebrating National Mistletoe Day: The Mistletoe Queen, Mistleteo Prince and helpers

In 2004 the Association successfully petitioned Parliament to recognised December 1st as National Mistletoe Day.

Since then the Association has been working hard to develop the Town’s identity with this little wondrous semi parasitic plant, that grows in many of the local orchards, that is surrounded in myth, mystery and legend.

Hopefully you will find a wealth of information within these pages about mistletoe and Tenbury Wells association with it. If your answers are not there please feel free to contact us here

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Tenbury Mistletoe Association started in 2004, when the local live stock market which was situated in the heart of the town on the Auction Yard, Teme Street, closed. This was the famous site of the Holly and Mistletoe auctions and was featured in the press locally and nationally each year as the season got underway and still today generates annual press interest. The effect of the local auction yard closing meant that that the sales moved out of town for a couple of years until they were re-located on the Tenbury Wells Business Park in Bromyard Road. The Association was set up to keep the Town’s association with mistletoe alive. This was the start of the annual Mistletoe Festival, which looked to celebrate the myths, legends and history with Tenbury through the Arts.

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