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The Tenbury Mistletoe Association


1. The Tenbury Mistletoe Association (the Association) is a not for profit community organisation.

2. The aims and objectives of the Association are:

3. The Association will be run by committee that will elect a Chairperson, a Secretary and a Treasurer as the committee’s executive officers, who will be responsible for the running of the Association.    

4. The Committee will consist of at least a minimum of three persons and will be open to any person who wishes to join and accepts that their involvement with the Association and its committee will be:

5. The Chairperson has the responsibility of insuring that there are sufficient committee members to enable the aims and objectives of the Association are met and that where possible are representative of interested parties.

6. The committee will meet as often as is required to make and execute such decisions that are necessary in implementing the aims and objectives of the Association.

7. In such situations where any democratic decision is not forth coming because of a tied vote the Chairperson will have the casting vote.  

8. The committee will hold an Annual General Meeting of the Association yearly. No more than 15 months will elapse between AGMs. The following will be subject of the AGM:

9. All money raised by or on behalf of the Association will be pad into a bank account in the Association name and that is approved by the Executive Officers.

10. All payments on behalf of the Association shall be agreed in advance by the Treasure and one of the other Executive Officers.

11. The Executive Officers will be able to on behalf of the Association and where deemed necessary to contract out, for payment, any function that is associated with the running of the Associations business and delivers on the Associations aims and objectives.

12. The Executive Officers will reimburse from the Association’s funds any reasonable claims by any committee member for expense that have been agreed in advance, and have been incurred in the course of the Association’s business.

13. In the event that the dissolution of the Association, any assets, monies or equipment will be gifted to another community organisation will broadly similar aims and objectives. If non-exist then to any other local charity that the committee deems appropriate.