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Would you like to represent the town and become the 2018 Mistletoe King or Queen?

Do you have an idea to improve Tenbury or the lives of people who live here?

Would you like the opportunity to champion your idea?

Then look no further! TMA are looking for two local people who would like to be the 2018 Mistletoe King and Queen and who would like to use their year in office to Champion their ideas to improve the town or the lives of the residents.

Qualifications? Over 18 and live in the Tenbury area. Confident to express yourself in public and have an idea to champion.

If you are interested then please fill in the below simple application and we will be in contact in the new year.

Mistletoe King or Queen Application Form

2013 Mistletoe Queen & Holly Prince

Why is the Association making this change?

Currently and in past years, the Head Girl and Boy from Tenbury Ormiston Academy are invited to perform the role of Mistletoe Queen and Holly Prince for the festival. Their involvement is just for the Festival day. Tenbury Mistletoe Association recognise that owing to other pressures of school work, such as exams, the students who have volunteered for the day have little time to dedicate to expending the roles beyond festival day.

TMA would like to expand the role of the Mistletoe King and Queen to be more active within the community for a full year of office. It is recognised to do this we need people who are prepared and have the time and ability to become further involved with their local community, for the good of their community. Hence the reason we are inviting a King and a Queen to volunteer for a year and during that year champion their ideas for making a difference to the town and the lives of the residents.

How will this work? Well to be honest we would really know until we have some knowledge of the ideas to be put forward.

It is the Associations hopes that it will retain the interests of the pupils of Tenbury Ormiston Academy and keep them involved on festival day in a similar role, though assisting the King and Queen.