2016 Mistletoe Festival


This year Tenbury Mistletoe Association is inviting all who visit the Mistletoe Festival to Visit the front garden of Teme Side House, Teme Street and take part in an attempt to obtain a World Record for the number of kisses under a single bunch of mistletoe in 5 hours.

We invite all to come and kiss under the bunch that will be specially hung for this record attempt. As a validation of our record attempt the kissing area will be recorded by CCTV. This recording will only be used as verification of our record attempt. This recording will not be made public. We aim are aiming for a Kiss every 40 seconds, so we will have marshals to prepare you for your kiss and to keep the line flowing!

There will be an opportunity to have your photograph taken under a separate bunch of mistletoe if you want a record of your involvement in this record attempt. In respect of this service we ask for a £1 donation to help future festivals.

Young persons under 16 years of age will have to have a consent form signed by an authorised adult.  

Come and join us and be part of a world record attempt - it will cost you nothing except your time!