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Users of this website have the opportunity to purchase ticket for various events hosted by the Tenbury Mistletoe Association (TMA) via our PayPal Shop. PayPal are the sole Terns and Conditions apply to any one using this service and PayPal our the responsible solely for any financial transactions. The only information passed to Tenbury Mistletoe Association is that information that is required to process your order.

On receiving notification that you have purchased a ticket or tickets for an event TMA will issue you with an email confirming your purchase and the number of ticket you have bought for the event. This email will acts as proof of your entitlement to attended the event. TMA will place your name on to a guest list with the number of tickets you have bought.

Your purchase is complete once we have received notification from PayPal that we are to issues ticket to you. At this time TMA are unable to issue any refunds for tickets bought. If you are in a position that you have tickets for an event you no longer required please email TMA and we will let you know if we have people wanting tickets that we are unable to supply because we have sold out. We will then put those persons in contact with you. We expect tickets to change hand at the face value for the event.

Tenbury Mistletoe Association does not set out to collect any personal information about any one who use this site or other than is necessary in the fulfilment of tickets purchased for an event. We respect your privacy and as such we maintain to keep any personal information that we may come by intentionally or otherwise private and will not share such information with any third party unless there is a requirement under law to do, or we have the express permission of you to do so. For example that you wish us to put in contact with you a third party who might want to buy an event ticket from you in circumstances described above.

If you have any questions about this policy please contact us via admin@tenburymistletoe.org

Thank you