Mistletoe Festival 2023

Lookout for:

Andy Harrop-Smith.

Andy Harrop-Smith.

Andy has been telling stories for over 20 years.
He's told tales to toddlers and spun stories to seniors from Aberystwyth to Edinburgh and has seldom been pelted with rotten vegetables.
He loves getting the audience involved in the story, so why not come along and learn how to be a Viking! A tale of the Norse gods for all ages.

Black Adder Morris.

Blackadder Morris musicians Tenbury Mistletoe Festival 2019.

Blackadder Morris dancers Tenbury Mistletoe Festival 2019.

"Based in Selly Oak, Birmingham, Black Adder Morris is an any age, any gender side which enjoys dancing, making music and having fun together.

Our dancing style is lively and from the North West Morris tradition, which is why we wear clogs, as was done in the mills of Lancashire. Our particular interpretation of this tradition is highly personal to our side.

When we dance out in the community we dance in clogs and wear rag jackets.".

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